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WIth our first saw repair in 1992 and our first Premium Replacement Part in 1997, SHARC Industries LLC was founded to offer quality, affordable alternatives to the Metal Sawing Industry. Using our Certified Factory Training in Industrial Bandsaw Repair from Amada Cutting Technologies and DoAll, extensive experience in the field of Bandsaw Maintenance and Repairs combined with over seven decades of Machining Experience as solid footing; we have developed our line of Aftermarket Bandsaw Blade Guides and Wear Parts.

What you can expect from our products in addition to our Affordable Pricing:

You will find some instances of Constant Improvement on this site. For example, those customers with Hydmech® Sawing Machines should be aware of the inherent weakness the holding screw adds to the carbide. This method of attachment is also not conducive of true flatness of the product, thus compromising cut quality and blade life. This is why our Hydmech® Compatible Blade Guides are assembled using the industry standard of brazing (induction brazing using Silver Solder) and ground within tolerances of 2 Microns. In the case of our Amada® HFA500S/CNC backup guides, we offer an affordable, sturdy replacement for the expensive and troublesome factory piece. There are more examples present in these pages and we look forward to offering you even more in the future.

If you do not see the products you need on this site, please call us, we are continually adding new products. Also, with Constant Improvement we are always working to reduce your operating costs, improve your saws performance and ease in its operation.


Scott J. Thomas / 216-272-0668
Founder of ICMC
President, SHARC Industriess LLC
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