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Since the middle of last year we have been on a quest to recreate our website and add a search function to make it easier for you to locate the parts you need.

Several quotes and meetings lead us to adopting a new software program which enabled us to do just that. The big program guys could not offer us the flexibility of search while maintaining the feel of this site. Perfect it is not, but the positive comments we have received over the last decade made it imperative to us to keep its structure intact.

So now it is up to me to enter all the information for you to utilize. Each day I will be adding multiple products to our new site. Each product will have as many part numbers and information as I can gather attached to it. On the top of each page you visit will be a search bar. Enter a key word or phrase, description, an OEM part number, an industry number or a SHARC Number. If I have added it, it will show up on the results list.

The new site will not be done overnight so this site will remain up and running (albeit without updates) for the time being. Once finished, the new site will uploaded to where it belongs.

You can see the new site growing and test it out here:

Thank you so much for considering SHARC for your band saw parts purchase.


Scott J.Thomas
SHARC Industries, LLC
New Site Link